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Experiments on Tesla's Wireless Transmission of Energy

                                                                                                                                                          By George Savvakis

In this e-book, after a short biography of Nikola Tesla, the 20th century inventor and a few words from his concept "The Wireless Transmission of Electrical Energy", you have the opportunity to conduct electrical experiments in a modern setup with common electronic components.
Two electromagnetic field detectors and ten electronic experimental projects using different types of Tesla Coils are described here with low and high voltages using a range of power on different frequencies. You will find all the necessary circuit diagrams, photos and details to build and adjust the projects. You can build and demonstrate them at home, without the use of expensive electronic equipments as frequency generators, frequency meters, oscilloscope or even a laboratory!
As result you are able to transmit electrical Energy.


Watch all 10 electronic homemade experiments  on below!

Experiment #1  Experiment #2  Experiment #3  Experiment #4  Experiment #5  Experiment #6  Experiment #7  Experiment #8  Experiment #9  Experiment #10


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